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Thank you for visiting the new site of Dr. G. Productions.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding new material, discussions, opportunities and CDs as well as improving the site’s overall appearance.

Please stop back again or feel free to drop us a note.


Dr. G.

2 thoughts on “Dr. G’s Blog

  1. What’s happenin Chris? Do you remember me from Ottumwa Heights College?
    I was the handsome, debanair, talented one.
    My wife is Debbie. I know you’re old and alot of those brain cells have passed
    on, just like mine have. In fact they’re probably jammin right now in that big brain cell beatnik club in the sky!! If you go to the Univ of Iowa College of Dentistry website and go to the prosthodontics dept you can see my picture.
    I’ll try to call you later!! Paul Aubrey

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